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State-of-the-Art Truck Rentals

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Easily haul your mulch and sand to your home with North Hill Resources, Inc. of Burlington, Washington. Our professionals offer truck rentals that make every landscaping project a breeze.


Our Fleet

Our specialists maintain a fleet of several different types of trucks to ensure the highest quality service, including:
• Transfer Truck
• Solo Truck
• Belt Bottom Trailer - Used to Move Large Quantities of Bark, Wood Chips, & Compost
• End Dump - Used for Land Clearing Debris, Stumps, & Brush
• Placement Cad Truck - Used for Bark, Top Soil, & Aggregates under Two Inches
• Vactor™ Truck - Used for Catch Basin Cleaning, Trenching, & Potholing
• 2013 TYMCO™ Street Sweeper - Features a High-Powered Vacuum Head, Dual Curb & Gutter
  Side Brooms, & Water-Powered Dust Control System

Contact us to keep your yard looking immaculate with our full-service truck rentals.