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  • Compost

    Produced by Cedar Grove Composting, containing food residuals and ground wood. Great for top dressing landscape, amending soil, and fertilizing.

  • Landscape Mulch

    Is a blend of compost and medium fir bark. Providing a dark rich color great for top dressing landscape while also providing nutritional value to your plants.

  • Black Bark

    Aged fir and hemlock bark finely screened for a dark low nutrient weed barrier.

  • Fine Bark

    Fir bark, salt-free processed to a 1” minus size. This is great for weed barrier while providing a dark deep red color for beauty.

  • Medium Bark

    Fir bark, salt-free processed to a 3” minus size. Much like the fine bark, the medium bark s a great weed barrier with a brighter red color.

  • Coarse Bark

    Fir bark, salt-free unprocessed. This bark contains larger pieces of bark/wood. This is a great option for erosion control and weed barrier.

  • Wood Chip Mulch

    Recycled brush and wood materials ground to a 4” minus size. This material is a great economical alternative to bark while providing excellent erosion control and weed barrier.

  • Double Ground Wood Chip Mulch:

    Recycled brush and wood debris ground to a 2” minus size. Great for erosion control, weed barrier and as a bark alternative.

  • Cedar Play Chips:

    Clean, irregular sized cedar chips. While slowing growth of vegetation and repelling bugs, it is excellent for dog runs, play areas and walking paths.

  • 5/8″ Minus:

    A crushed rock 5/8” in size with fines. It compacts well and is great for use as driveways and walking paths.

  • 3/4″ Chip:

    A crushed rock 3/4" in size without fines. Remaining loose, some of its common uses are walking paths, driveways, and areas that need to allow for drainage.

  • Recycled Concrete/Asphalt:

    Crushed to a 5” minus size, creates a great base or fill for roads and driveways.

  • Utility Sand:

    Clean coarse sand, with many uses including backfilling pipes to sand boxes.

  • Pea Gravel:

    3/8” washed round rock used for drainage and decorative areas. Does not compact. 

  • 1 ½” Drain Rock:

    Washed round rock with varying sizes from 3/4” to 1 ½” great for drainage and decorative areas. Does not compact. 

  • Cobble:

    2” to 10” sized rock great for decorative landscaping.

  • 3-Way Topsoil:

    Is a blend of sandy loam soil, sand, and compost. This is a well-rounded soil and is suitable for many applications, including new lawns. It is ideal for gardens and other similar landscaping projects. 

  • 2-Way Topsoil:

    Contains 60% compost and 40% sand for a fast-draining rich soil for top dressing lawns, spot seeding, and gardens.

  • 50/50 Topsoil:

    Compost blended with sandy loam soil creating a healthy soil that is great for retaining water. Much like our 3-Way Topsoil, this has a wide range of uses, from lawns to gardens.

  • Potting Soil:

    This custom-blended potting soil is a mixture of our 2-Way Topsoil, medium bark, and pumice. Need a soil to retain moisture, provide excellent nutrition to your indoor or outdoor plants or seeds? This potting soil has you covered!

  • Screened Native:

    Screened sandy loam soil without the frills. Great for low areas requiring fill.

  • Lava Rock

    1/2" to 1" sized red lava rock excellent for decorative landscaping.